Season 23

Season 23 will run from 1st February   until the 2nd May with play offs being concluded before 31st May 2020.

Rules will be the similar as the previous season with a few additions. In summary these are:

1) Coaches must play a minimum of 10 games throughout the season in order to qualify for the playoffs / plate, however can only play a maximum of 20 games
2) The top 8 teams in the league who have played 10 or more games qualify for the playoffs.
3) 1st place will get their choice of playoff opponent first, followed by 2nd place then 3rd.
4) All injuries / MNG players still count for the games in the playoffs
5) Skill selections and team changes MUST be sorted before opponents are selected. Once chosen by an opponent for the playoffs both coaches' teams are fixed as they are.
6) Skills must be selected prior to any match / knowing who opponent you will be facing. The only exceptions to this will be if playing a second game straight after and opponent is known by default. If skills have not been selected in a reasonable time, an opponent can appeal to the commissioner. If commissioner agrees that there has been an unnecessary delay, player with new skill maybe given a match suspension.
7) Games are not prearranged, people play whoever is available to play unless coaches have played before
8) Only when coaches have played at least 5 games each can a repeat match happen. (There is a possibility of coaches playing both their fifth and sixth games against each other consecutively)
8) All inducements published in Spike Magazines are eligible to be used
9) Cards can only be used if both coaches agree to them
10) The piling On skill DOES NOT require a team reroll
11) Prizes for the season are Winner trophy following conclusion of the final of the playoffs, the plate played for by the bottom two eligible teams and Sports personality award voted for by everyone at the end of the season via private message to me.

Additional things to consider.

1) Choose your team carefully. While I may allow a change of team early on in the season if they are extremely crippled, this is not a given and will only be allowed under exceptional circumstances. All results would remain the same and you would start from exactly where you were in the league
2) Teams DO NOT have to be painted in order to be used in the league. There hasn't been a season yet where all the teams have been painted so don't worry!
3) I will only be allowing games to be conceded under exception circumstances. We all come to play and even when losing there are still chances for Spp on both sides.
4) If there is a dispute over rules that cannot be clarified by reading them or checking with someone else then dice off and carry on.