Season 20 is here!

The league is TWENTY SEASONS OLD!!! And to celebrate, it’s out with the old and in with the new. After several seasons at the helm Don_Vito has hung up his commisioner hat and passed the reigns across to Peo. We’re all excited to see what this dancefloor diva has planned for his first season in charge, and he’s started strong with a series of special inducements available for this special season only.

So start thinking about what teams you’ll be taking, have a look at the rules linked in the main menu, and get ready for a running start this December. League runs through until the end of March, matches are arranged ad hoc through the league WhatsApp group, and you only need 6 games to qualify for the all important playoffs! What are you waiting for?!?

Season 19

In the laziest possible way, Season 19 rules will be exactly the same as Season 18’s with some minor clarifications below! Should you have any questions or problems with anything then message me directly or ask in the group chat.  Thanks all!

– All updates in all Spike magazines available either now or during the season will be live and official for S19. The only exception to this is any potential change to the Dark Elf basic roster that the Spike Magazine may bring, as ou league website won’t have the updated version available (If there is one?).

– This means that Chaos team now have access to all the stars in the first Spike Magazine, and these versions take precident over any previous version listed elsewhere in the BB2016 rules.

– Playoffs will also feature the top eight teams that qualify.Now the league has grown sufficiently we are able to have a full QF/SF/Finals instead of the top teams being seeded and missing the QF.


Season 18 Details

Hi everyone! Website rules have been updated to S18, no big changes at all, just clarifications mainly. Season 18 will be up and running this Tuesday (March 20th) and runs until the end of June 2018.


Anyone interested in getting more details should contact the GBBL via the ‘Contact the GBBL’ link at the top of this page. We have a fantastic TEN new coaches this season so you would be in good company!

Season 16 Details!!!

Hey guys, check out the new link in the menu for the full rundown on the Season 16 rules. Only minor changes from the previous season, but some crucial stuff around the new BB2016 release and rules contradictions. As usual, any questions, just ask!