Season 20 – Special Inducements

70k – Team Talk From Bren
Bren has a wealth of experience and being such a nice guy is happy to share this knowledge. Since becoming a Dad though, this advice isn’t free
1 –  Your team are so distracted by the debate as to whether Bren is the love child of a treeman and a cheerleader that they have completely missed his words of wisdom. No effect
2-  Bren offers you some crucial advice just at the right time. Automatically win brilliant coaching if rolled on kick off table
3 – Bren’s words are truly inspirational. Automatically win any reroll related kick off table result
4 -5 – For once your players paid attention and took Bren’s words to heart. However the blows to the head eventually take their toll. Team gains an extra reroll for the first half
6 – Wow! Who would have thought that Blood Bowl players could pay attention for so long. Bren’s teaching has really struck a cord. Your team gets an extra reroll for the entire game

60k – Coaching in brutality from Stan
Stan is an expert in causing pain and desolation on the field. He is more than happy to share this expertise…for the right price.

1 – You’ve unfortunately given Stan the money upfront and he went to the bar for a quick one before the coaching session. He’s now lost in some strip club spending all the money. No effect
2 – Stan sees nothing wrong with the way your player stuck the boot in and assists in dialogue with the officials. Add +1 to one argue the call result
3 – Stan is being very eloquent or just being overly irritating, but either way the officials are listening! Add+2 to an argue the call result
4 – Stan has spotted potential in one of your players and has passed on an old pair of Winkle Picka boots (with special metal pointy toes) An individual player gets Dirty Player skill for one turn. Must be declared before use
5 – Stan has a wonderful ability to find all the chinks in a player’s armour ans cause maximum damage. One of your players paid attention in the briefing and now sees an opportunity. One player gets mighty blow skill for one turn. Must be declared before use
6 – Stan has provided a masterclass in pain deliverence. For one turn your entire team get the mightyblow skill. Must be declared at the start of the turn

50k – Stick First aid expert 
Caring for kids has made Stick a whiz at fixing bumps and scrapes. Hiring Stick means you get a chance of fixing players who are injured. If player is Dead though, then they’re Dead. Stick is not a necromancer!

1 – Unfortunately at the crucial moment you need his skills Stick is fast asleep and can’t be woken.
2 – Stick has brought a few plasters with him and a ‘magic’ ice cold sponge. Any MNG result changes to badly hurt. Player remains in the casualties box
3 – Stick remembered to bring the full first aid kit and is putting it to good use. Change any injury result to MNG
4 – Stick has been Googling some healing techniques and is keen to try them out. Reroll any MNG / injury and pick the preferred result. If badly hurt they remain in the casualties box
5 – Stick has brought his phone and is using Youtube clips of Dr Ranj to talk him through healing procedures. Automatically fix any injury (other than death) to badly hurt. Player remains in the casualties box, but does not suffer any lasting injury
6 – Stick is at the peak of his game. Not only does he fix any injury, but place the player in the reserve box ready to play

40k – Peo the cheerleader 
It’s no secret, Peo loves blood bowl, dancing, showmanship and basically showing off! You can hire Peo to work with your Cheerleading squad at the start of the game
1 – Unfortunately Peo’s choice in music and over the top dancing have not gone well with the crowd. Opponent automatically gets , +2 fame and you pay 10k fine for noise pollution
2 – No one beats Peo in a dance off! Automatically win Cheering fans kick off table result if rolled
3 – News of Peo’s pending performance has got out and people are keen to watch. Roll an extra D6 when deciding fame
4 – Peo’s performance does you proud. Your fans cheer and get behind the team. Win the +1 fame
5 – Peo manages to send your fans into a fit of cheering and Mexican waves. Automatically win +2 fame.
6 – Peo is on fire! Not only has he whipped up the crowd, his appearance has drawn in additional cablevision viewers! Automatically win +2 fame and receive an additional 10k at the end of the game!

320k – Don Vito Star Player 
He hold’s the records for the fastest dice, the most crowd surfs, the best singing voice in the league and now for this Special Season only, the Legend of the League, the Blood bowl brainchild and Master of Mighty Blow Don Vito could be playing for your team! That’s right sports fans, providing that you are not playing his own team*, when facing an uphill battle this seasoned coach will pull on a team jersey and take to the pitch himself!

Mv – 4
St – 4
Ag – 2
Av – 9

Skills – Frenzy, Stand Firm, Grab, Juggernaut, Pro, Fan Favourite, Mighty Blow

(That’s right Don Vito does not have Loner – Why? Because everyone loves him that’s why and he would never be made to feel anything but adored on a team!)

*Don Vito is not able to hire himself…when coaching he is coaching!