Current Season Details (Season 20 – December ’18 to March ’19)

Season – 1st December 2018 to the 31st March 2019. Play offs and Final to be played by 30th April 2019. If people are in agreement though the season can start early on the day the final of season 19 is played.

Format – People can arrange games with anyone at any time within the season. The only stipulation is that before you play the same person again, each coach must have played at least 5 games.

Top 8 teams at the end of the season qualify for the playoffs. Quarter finals are sorted by first place choosing their opponent, followed by second place, then third. Semi final is decided by highest place league position choosing their opponent. (Eg if the person who won the league is knocked out then second place would pick their opponent first)

Bottom two teams play for the plate.

To qualify for the play offs or the plate, a coach must play a minimum of 6 games throughout the season. There is no maximum limit to the amount of games. League position is clarified by win %. In the event of a pure draw league position will be decided by results between the two coaches (the highest place going to the team that beat the other) If these games were a draw and everything else is exactly the same then there will be a dice off.

Team selection – Each coach has 1100k to spend when creating their team. You do not have to spend all of your cash and can save some if you desire. All official NAF approved teams are available for selection  (this includes Khorne, Bretonians and Slann).

A coach has the option of switching teams if the team is severely crippled, but this will be at the commissioner’s discretion. All games played will still be counted and the win % remains, but any SPP or cash in the treasury is lost. Coaches will have the same 1100k starting funds for the new team and inherit the previous team’s position in the league. This will only be under extreme circumstances so please pick your team carefully…you may have to just learn to love inducements!

If a coach needs to hire journeymen to make a team of 11 players these need to be added to the roster before the next game to provide the correct TV value. This can be done by selecting Hire player and ticking the journeyman box. A journeyman is the lowest cost player available with the loner skill. Journeymen can be hired at the end of the game as described in the rules

Season 20 will use the current rule set from all the official releases of Blood bowl,  Death Zones and Spike Magazines. This includes all new Star Players and sideline staff available. This therefore also includes Sponsorship deals and Spiralling Expenses.

The only exceptions are that Season 20 will adopt the NAF ruling on the Pile on skill, meaning that it does NOT cost a reroll to use. Team cards can be used with the agreement of both coaches. Any disagreement / confusion over rules are to be resolved by the coach seeking to benefit providing clear reference to official material. If this is not possible then a dice off will be used if no agreement can be reached.

Illegal procedure will NOT be used. If someone calls it on you feel free to give them a disappointed look.

Teams do not have to be painted to play. If a coach is struggling to identify positions they can request skill rings or some other suitable form of identification  be placed on the miniatures.

Sports personality of the season award – This is an award I will be introducing this season, with a view to keeping it as a permanent prize. There will be an official trophy for the winner, which will be passed to the next winner of the following season in the same way as the plaque and plate are. Everyone who plays 6 or more games in a season is eligible regardless of the position they finish in.

What makes this league so enjoyable are the moments of true comradery, hilarity and good Sportsmanship which reminds us at the heart of all this is an opportunity to have a laugh with your mates.

The winner will be decided by popular (private) vote at the end of the season. People will nominate a person by messaging or speaking to the commissioner, someone they feel has been the best Sport throughout the season. This could be the most hilarious moment or simply that they were a pleasure to play against due to their friendly sporting nature or another reason (like using the wrong name) which sticks in your mind.

The match summaries will be a huge help to remind us so I am encouraging this to be utilised more. Remember they can always be edited later.